About is a zombie survival game online. In the game, players alike must work together to survive from each wave of zombies. The creation has a lot of different game modes, like roleplay, deathmatch, sandbox, stranded, and more. You can also start your own server and write your own scripts for game modes. Let your inner nerd come out!

This is a multiplayer browser game that is like Garry's Mod. Everyone can host their own server and script their own gamemodes, so the game doesn't have to have a single goal.

How to play

Build a base to protect yourself from the zombies, buy new weapons, and kill your enemies without having to sign up for an account. You can join a server and start playing online right away.

  • WASD to move. 
  • Attack undead with Left Mouse or Spacebar. Mouse to aim. 0-9. C to drop.
  • Right-click to carry tools or nails. B buys upgrades. 
  • Enter to talk. Q to use emojis. Tab for leaderboard. Alt for health bars.


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