About is an io role-playing game influenced by classics such as Diablo and Baldur's Gate. The game starts in a safe sanctuary, The Castle. Here, you may purchase and sell your initial stuff in preparation for the following level. To improve your character, you must gather dungeons and slay creatures. Explore the dungeons in search of uncommon goods and potions to further bolster your character's stats.

How to play

Left click to move or attack enemies
Right click to consume potion
Right click to exchange equipped item
Right click on the item to buy or sell

Pro tip:

You start the game by choosing the hero's skin and its main attribute. The damage your hero deals is based on the main attribute. The type of weapon you are using can change your primary damage attribute.

Melee Weapon: Strength
Bow and crossbow: agility
Staff: smart
Find the best item for your character and destroy all the bosses in the game!

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