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About Merc Zone

Merc Zone is a really entertaining game with several stages that requires a high degree of coordination. The objective of Merc Zone is to get the greatest score or to be the last player standing. Merc Zone may be played online with gamers from all around the globe. In fast-paced first-person arena combat, you earn points by chaining kills and collecting bounties from all around the globe.

Players enter futuristic combat zones and choose from a range of different classes, including Brock (attack), Cochese (stealth), Crazy Ed (sniper), Bingo (sniper), and Ogre (ogre) (heavyweight).

How to play Merc Zone

Make use of the mouse and function keys, or consult the in-game manual.


Move = WASD
Jump = Space
Shoot = Left mouse button
Aim down to sight = Right mouse button
Reload = CHEAP
Swap Weapon = E / Scroll
Grenades = WOOD
Bow = C / Shift
interaction = F

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