About is a free online multiplayer game. Welcome to's terrible and beautiful universe. This is a universe of first-person shooter multiplayer fights where you may challenge your greatest friends, vanquish your deadliest adversaries, or join forces against a shared foe.

Once you are on the ground, you must protect your back and move cautiously through dangerous terrain. Load your guns as required, seek cover behind diverse obstacles and solid objects, and shoot without blinking to complete your mission as quickly as possible - you have just 10 minutes to eliminate your opponents! Are you willing to take the risk and experience the danger? Explore every alley without apprehension in an incredibly realistic 3D environment filled with vibrant colors and hidden corners. enables you to assume control, command, and lead as you race to the top of the scoreboard. This is the case if you've ever desired to play a violent but interesting online multiplayer first-person shooter that places you on a battlefield with other armed gamers. Enter a lethal atmosphere packed with flying bullets and attempt to eliminate all of your opponents in order to win the match.

Utilize the WASD keys to navigate.
R key for reloading SPACE for jumping
Position the mouse to aim
Left-clicking to fire

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