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About Merge And Invade

Welcome to Merge And Invade, a brand-new hyper random merge game in 3D with stickman characters that also includes elements from the building game and the game.. inactive at the same time, so we are certain that many aficionados of all categories will have a great time!

This game begins with a limited number of combatants, which the player must increase by merging together. This can be accomplished by contacting two soldiers of the same hue, causing them to combine and form a more powerful soldier. The objective is to recruit as many soldiers as possible and dispatch them into battle against the red stickman's army. The game is difficult, and the player must employ cautious strategy to win each battle. To send their soldiers into combat as effectively as feasible, they must consider the strengths and vulnerabilities of their troops as well as the battlefield's configuration.

How to play 

Use the joystick to control the character.

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