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Play Microgravity IO for free on your web browser. Microgravity.io is a 2D space-based shooter io game in which you must build a conquering civilisation. Collect resources in order to develop a civilisation on a planet. Construct fortifications and conquer the planets of other players. Here you can find the greatest games that do not need a download, as well as an enjoyable gaming experience on your computer, mobile phone, and tablet. Daily additions of new arcade games and the most popular free online games are made to the website.

How to play
Gather materials from asteroids and mines.
To supply labor for human industries and mines, construct cities.
Build factories to obtain unique weaponry.
Form coalitions to subjugate other planets.
Be wary of the planet's scarce resources.

Move: W, A, S and D or arrow keys
Target: Mouse
Shoot: Left Click or Space
Enhancement: Teleport
Chat: T or Enter
Weapon selection: Q and E
Directional Thrust: Right Click
Reverse direction: Middle click
Union switch: CHEAP

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