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About Mine Blocks

Mine Blocks is fun online 3D construction game similar to Minecraft. Explore endless worlds and build everything from the simplest houses to the greatest castles.

How to play

You have to find enough food and build a home. You will have a great time. Don't let too many people die. You can save your world and play in it later if you don't want to start over every time. As you mine different minerals out of blocks, you can build things. Continue to mine and build as you push your creativity to the MAXIMUM. We hope you enjoy this fun online game about mining. Use your pickaxe to shoot through different things, and then use those things to your benefit.

If you want to place a block, you can choose it from your hotbar at the bottom of the screen by using the scroll wheel or the number keys. Then hold down Shift, move the green cursor to where you want the block to go, and click!

Game modes: struggle mode and trial.

Game Control: WASD or Tap to move, Click or tap to mine blocks.

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