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About Mini Golf Club

Mini Golf Club is a realistic fast-paced mini golf 3D game with exciting gameplay and hundreds of challenging levels.  Play this fast-paced sports game against 6 players.

The goal is to get the ball into a series of holes on the football field using as few shots as possible. The game has more than 300 holes with moving parts, teleports, ramps, sand traps, special power-ups, and portals that you can interact with. Boosters like wind zones or jump zones work with your ball in a very specific way. Due to its advanced physics engine, Mini Golf Club is a very replayable game. You can play the same level over and over again and have a different experience each time. You will definitely have a lot of fun. With the game's easy-to-use "ballpark editor," you can build your own holes out of simple building blocks.


  • Drag the left mouse button = shoot ball
  • C = camera mode
  • Arrow keys / Mouse = look around
  • Page up / mouse wheel up = zoom in
  • Page down / mouse wheel down = zoom out

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