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About Miniblox

Miniblox is a multiplayer online game with lots of different minigames, such as artistic and survival modes, skyblock challenges, and exciting parkour adventures.

How to play

Players can let their imagination run wild in this voxel-based sandbox game, which includes tough parkour levels, fun minigames, and the chance to build with a lot of different blocks. The game has a lot of interesting features, such as different open worlds on different maps, each of which is fun. There are different game modes, like Survival and Survival (Keep Inventory). In these modes, players must find resources, make items, hunt for food, and find their way through the forest while watching out for green monsters.

You can play with friends or fight other players from around the world because the game has a global player base. has something for everyone, from people who want to learn how to build things to people who love parkour.

Have fun and good luck!

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