About is a multiplayer battleship game where you must sail to victory. Keep an eye out for incoming torpedoes and destroy the other battleships!

Take control of your ship and win this naval battle game. Beware of the electrified stingrays! You will start with a small warship, Collect loot boxes to increase your score and level up your warship. Only a few crates appear randomly, so try to sink other warships to gain points and spawn more crates.

A multiplayer online game called pits experienced sailors against newcomers. Choose your ship, sail the high seas, and attack other players. The title has a lot to offer and is designed to hook you from the start. Simple mechanics, a competitive atmosphere, and a robust upgrade system. Enter and win!

The goal of the games is to win. Collect the wreck and upgrade to a better-equipped warrior to accomplish this. Whatever your goals are, you must always begin with a small boat. They are faster and have a better chance of avoiding attacks. Large ships are slower and less maneuverable, but they are more powerful.

Actual Warships
To control the boat, use arrows, aim with a mouse, and shoot with Space. But be prepared for it to behave like a real ship. Don't expect it to turn on the first command. Water resistance must be overcome. Everything, however, is dependent on the maneuverability characteristics.

Various Boats
Choose one of the five vessel classes before you dive in. This has an impact on your fighting style. Some warships are designed to attack from beneath the waves. Others don't even have torpedoes with which to shoot. Instead, they ram their opponents!


How to play

  • Steer: right mouse button
  • Shoot: left mouse button
  • Zoom in/out: mouse scroll

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