MNML.GG is a game where you take turns and play in a vague world. Make a one-of-a-kind team of three constructs with different skills and areas of expertise.

How to play

Combat in MNML.GG is based on tactical turn-based fights that take place in a simple world. The player builds a team of three constructs, and each one has its own skills and powers. To be successful, you need to plan ahead, execute precisely, and change your moves based on what your opponent does.

Take part in turn-based 1v1 fights with other players. Be smart about what you do, like how you move, attack, and use special powers, so you can trick and beat your opponent.

Each construct is good at a different thing, like attack, defense, support, or control. Use their skills to make your team work better together and their weaknesses against them.

Have fun and good luck!

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