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Mob Control is an arcade game that simulates a mob in a castle. This is a highly addicting and entertaining casual arcade game in which you must control a group of Stickmen, guide your guardians to the portals required to increase their numbers, and return fire with peculiar projectiles in order to destroy the enemy. Aim for multiplier portals and plunder your foes to construct your own castle models. This is the free browser version of the Voodoo app, which has been downloaded over 10 million times.

How do you play Mob Control?

You can vanquish your opponent in a series of player-versus-player matches in this 3D game. Send your blue soldiers advancing down the street using the canon. Your objective is to secure the red bases and defeat any incoming red combatants. Use the blue portals to command your army and multiply their numbers to construct massive armies.

Your minions will automatically attack any red minions, barriers, or bases that they encounter. The numbers on the red barricades and bases signify the number of personnel required to breach the barricades or seize the base. However, you forfeit the match if even one red piece reaches your canon.

When all obstacles and bases in the area ahead have been eliminated, your cannon can advance along the road. Choose a new location close to your opponent's last stronghold and continue your assault from there.


Mob Control is an exciting 3D strategy video game.
Store and a variety of novel features.
Accumulate gold and power blocks.
The game mechanics are simple and straightforward.
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