Players must train, evolve, and fight monsters in, an io game about taming and fighting. The goal is to become the monster master!

How to play

You have to pick a monster to fight when you first enter the game. You can pick a critter, slime, tiny Charlie, or a baby dragon.

Next, learn how to use your pet's leash. Then, move around and shoot the monsters and slimes that you see. That is the only way for your pet to get better. When enemies are killed, they will sometimes drop gold. Get them to make your pet and tools better.

You can see your pet's level and numbers like health, mana, damage, defense, health regen, and mana regen on the left side of the screen. As you grow up and evolve your pet, will get stronger. Try to use the different skills that each monster has to your advantage.


  • WASD / Arrow keys to move.
  • Left-click to attack.
  • Right-click to control your pet.
  • 2 to throw a net.
  • 3/4 for pets ultimates.
  • E/F to interact.
  • Q for emotes.

Have fun and good luck!

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