About allows you to grow to be the largest monster in the area. You are in a scary, monster-filled arena. To live in this dangerous environment, you must become the victor. Are you willing to unleash your inner beast to become the victor and preserve your life?

In this incredible 3D game, you should prepare for a fierce battle. Some little, impoverished individuals are going to be crushed by the monster in this arena. You are one of the creatures listed above. The difficulty lies in the fact that you begin as a relatively little monster. The more individuals you destroy, the larger you will get and the higher your level will be. Eventually, you will begin to destroy creatures that are weaker than you. This technique, if executed properly, will not only make you money but also allow you to survive in the arena. You will win the round if you are the largest monster with the highest level. With the money you've collected, you may unlock additional monsters and enhance your speed, power, and lives. Now, go to your objective and defeat any humans or creatures that are weaker than you in order to win.

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Move the mouse to guide your monster and click the left mouse button to increase its speed.

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