About is a multiplayer survival io game in which you must transform a mouse into a dragon by eating, surviving, and consuming smaller enemies.

In this game, you spawn in a large area as a small mouse. You have to move around and eat food to grow. That's the only way to evolve. There are many opponents on the battlefield and the stronger enemies that are outlined in red can consume you anytime. So try to survive at all costs. As you evolve, you can also consume enemies that are light green.

While eating berries is the way to evolve, you also need to keep the water meter top-up by consuming the blue blobs. Can you dominate the arena and transform your mouse into a dragon? is a survival version of the game.

Game developer was developed by Stan Tatarnykov.

It is available to play on a web browser and iOS, or Android devices.

How to play

You can use your mouse to control the movement of your character.

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