About is a multiplayer tank battle game. You must take control of your tank and use your gun to make your way through a muddy field. Take out your competition.

How to play

You'll start in a PvP Safe Zone where no one can hurt each other. Drive into the battle zone in to scare your opponents. Destroy other players' tanks and improve your own to get the best result. Use a variety of strategies to take out enemy tanks. By working together with friends and other players, it will be easier to beat the enemy in the game.

Make the tank as good as it can be and never lose. Build tunnels, mine gold ore, buy updates, kill enemies. To make money out of ore, you have to shoot at it until stars fall out of it. With the money you get, you can buy ammunition, defense, speed, life, healing, energetic cartridges, and so on.

Control: Use mouse to aim, rotate and shoot, use WASD keys to move the tank.



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