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About Multi Cave

Multi Cave is a complimentary IOGame. Welcome to the incredible universe of this massively multiplayer online arena game. Use a grappling hook that hooks to the walls and ceiling and pulls you into the cave. You must compete against other players in a variety of game settings and strive to be the best! In this game, the cave is a labyrinth from which you must shoot, rotate, and fight to escape at all costs. This game is also a race, in which you compete against gamers from across the globe. In this entertaining, fast-paced action IOGame, you must race to the conclusion of each level while dropping bombs, brandishing weapons, and remaining one step ahead of your opponents. Gather golden rings to boost your score, avoid impassable corners, battle hazardous foes, and traverse a complex landscape - only players with skill and perseverance can complete this very difficult journey!

Game modes include: Obstacle, Hoop Jump, Zombie Survival and more coming soon.

How to play Multi Cave

To fire your grappling hook, click. Hold down the mouse button to hold it and pull yourself up. You will develop your abilities and be able to travel fast through the level, dodge hazards, and defeat other players through practice.

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