About is a fast-paced, entertaining multiplayer shooter. Gather resources, acquire new ships for your fleet and take down other players.

In your leisure time, you may play if you like playing skill games. There are three distinct colored orbs on the map. Each is a source from which you may purchase additional ships for your fleet. You can see the prerequisites of the new spacecraft in the bottom left of the screen. Moreover, players may examine their current sources in the upper-right corner of the screen. You must destroy the required orbs to purchase new ships. Your ship will automatically attack when you get near to your target. Always steer clear of foes with more ships than you.

How to play

Use your mouse to maneuver your fleet. Hit SPACEBAR to power up your fleet for 3 seconds. Gather resources and press 1 to acquire new ships when you have enough resources. Utilize boosters to catch up with weaker teams or to keep away from bigger ones.

Tips and tricks

If you discover a location with many orbs, you may choose to halt your train. You must place the mouse cursor on your ships in order for them to halt. They will instantly assault you and grab your resources.

Make sure you avoid opponents with bigger fleets than you. It would be a good idea to utilize your boost to dodge your adversaries. Getting acclimated to the game may take some time, but it will only take a few minutes.

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