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Welcome to, a game in which you can locate work or scavenge for a living. Purchase a home or sleep in a confined area. Enjoy yourself, but don't neglect to purchase a suitable replacement for the nursery, as you will ultimately grow old. Your objective in the game was to obtain the highest score possible. is an HTML5 game with stunning visuals and numerous enticing levels to play. Also, don't forget that on our website for shooting games, there are many other interesting and thrilling games, such as 3D pistol shooter, survival, racing, y8 games, and games for females.

How to play

Earn money by: 
- Working on a computer, in a lab, or in the CEO's office
- Cleaning floors of detritus and excrement 
- Finding money on the ground
- Purchasing buildings for commissions. The more structures other participants utilize, the more money you earn.
- Kill the wealthy

To upgrade your characters:
- Computer skills: If you decide to work with computers, you will earn more money.
- Broom skill: Clean the ground quicker and earn more money if you decide to do so. 
- Negotiation skill: Pay less and earn more commission.
- Strength: Grow more powerful
- Velocity: Faster
- Luggage: Increase your stock
- Research skills: If you opt to work in the lab, you will earn more money and have a greater chance of discovering sustenance in the garbage.
- Mood/Food/Sleep/Toilet: Reduces your meter reading.

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