Take charge of your pet in and feed it beans to gain mass and get away from bigger enemies. You can beat tiny enemies and take on their weight.

How to play

Speed up and let out gas by using your mass. You might be able to take in the green gas that someone has let out. After that, you'll get a lot of points but move more slowly for a while. There are only 6 pieces of the red gas left. You can make more red gas by adding chili pepper.

Do not go to the middle of the map when you are small. Instead, take in the mass on the edge.

When you are after someone, press W to let off the gas. The enemy will then move more slowly, and you will take him.
It's better to bomb an enemy with E than to try to speed up when a bigger enemy is coming at you. Even though you'll lose much mass, the enemy will be unable to attack for a long time after eating your bomb.

Have fun and good luck!

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