About is a zombie-themed survival game in which players must acquire resources, equipment, and food to survive the night. You will be challenged with surviving hundreds of progressively challenging waves of zombies, with or without allies. You will need to acquire resources to construct base fortifications, collect ammo for self-defense, and study new weaponry, among other things.

Will you battle alone or as part of a group? Perhaps you will assault and plunder other gamers! Everything is equitable so long as one survives.

How to play
Gather resources, construct your base, and combat zombies. Utilize spikes and turrets to defend your base against swarms of zombies and other players, construct inventive traps, improve your equipment, and climb the GLOBAL LEADERS. Does your DNA deserve to exist? You will mould the next generation.

Move using WASD and strike with LMB to activate autoattack. E Utilize your own assets while holding SHIFT LEFT

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