About is a 3D multiplayer platform game. Your mission is to avoid the deadly chainsaw and try to be the last chicken left on the farm.

You're on your way to the end, but there's a way out: move all the other chickens out of the way to make sure you don't break the machine. Remember that only one chick will live, so you will have to push the others down... Nugget Royale is also called, and you play against 80 other online players in a large arena.

How to play

There are 80 people competing to be the last one standing on an unstable plate above a bad blender. The last person on the plate won't become a chicken. The player can walk, run, jump, and dash to get through the race. The leaderboard's top player is crowned, making him or her the ultimate cosmic master and the king of chickens. Get points to unlock new hats like visors, ketchup hats, deep-fried baskets, and drink caps.

W / A / S / D - Move around
Space - Jump

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