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Oceanar.io - conquest of the ocean depths! Oceanar.io is a difficult and immensely addicting game from the.io series.

Take control of the queen fish and navigate the huge and perilous ocean while devouring everything under you. The more you eat, the more you grow, and the more significant things you can devour!

How to play
The objective is similar to that of other.io games; you begin little, alone, and weak against both other players and the environment; your only hope for life is to consume food. Float about and construct a defense force of tiny fish. In free-for-all games, you should avoid bigger groups of fish since numbers win in this universe. Begin by gathering a small group of soldier fish and then attempt to defeat a jellyfish to collect tasty prizes! As your squad begins to grow to a respectable size, you should attempt to eliminate lesser groupings to boost your score and demonstrate your undersea supremacy.

The left mouse button is used to attack, while the right mouse button is used to combine lesser fish into larger ones. Remember that after a few fish are following you, the attack key controls the following fish and not your primary fish, leaving you exposed and immobile!

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