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Oib.io is an io game based on microgestures and strategy. Breed, reorganise, and splinter your army in order to crush the adversary, defend or strike strategically. Defend your queen and rise to the top.
Collect to become the strongest, feed your troops and friends, or rule the whole map by yourself.


If the queen dies, you lose the game.
Bigger units are more sluggish than smaller ones.
Units degrade with time
The Queen perishes upon contact with the enemies.
Queen and larger unit kill the smallest unit by touching it.
Units and Queens get XP by devouring other troops.

Control Oib

Left-click a unit to select it.
Left-click and drag are used to select multiple items.
Ctrl and the left mouse button are used to select or deselect units.
Using the space bar will select all units
Right-click the mouse or use the WASD or arrow keys to move the camera.
1 spawns
2 to blend specific oil
three to separate the desired oil
4. provide the chosen oil to the main character

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