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About Papa's Freezeria

Papa's Freezeria is a restaurant management game where you manage a dessert shop while the owner is on temporary leave.  At different stations, serve customers their favourite sweets by taking their orders in the right way. Try to serve all of the customers correctly so you can get the most tips. Then you can use your hard-earned money to improve the store's refrigerator, dessert counter, and overall look. You need to get used to a lot of ingredients and toppings, so make sure to check all the stations carefully before rushing into rush hour. Your goal is to make sure customers are happy so you can get points and move up levels. As your level goes up, you'll be able to use new overlays in the shop, and more people will come to Freezeria. When players make rolls well, they get tips, which they can use to upgrade and decorate the lobby of the shop.

To make your fridge as successful as possible, make sure to get all the achievements and serve all the VIP customers. Don't forget to tell your friends about Papa's Freezeria and show them that you can make and run the best dessert shop in town.

How to play Papa's Freezeria
The game is easy to play, and to make tasty banh chung, you'll have to switch between the four areas of the shop.

First, you have to decide which character you want to play. You can take orders from customers as either Albert or Penny. Next, go to the Construction Station to pour the cream and mix it with the mixes that have already been mixed for each roll.

Mix Station is the next place you need to go. This is where you mix banh chung until you get the right mix that your customers want.

Lastly, go to Top Station to add whipped cream and toppings (don't forget the top cherries) before serving dessert to your customers.

When you play Papa's Freezeria, each station will feel like a real thing. All you have to do to make a wheel is drag, swipe, click, or tap.

Tough Closers and Food Critics will come to your store to buy rolls. They are picky customers who probably won't like your banh chung as much as other people do.

Bottom Line
Papa's Freezeria is a game for all ages that lets you cook. Here, the player's job is very simple: take orders, pour ice cream, add mixes, blend, add necessary ingredients, and serve customers in one working day. You might have to fill orders quickly and keep customers happy with the best summer dessert.

Want an easy game to play? Why not give Papa's Freezeria a try?

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