Parkour lol is a game that pushes 3D platforming to new heights. Run through an apparently unending tunnel filled with hazards and traps. You may play the game for free and without downloading anything, and you can compete in online parkour games with gamers from all around the world using a variety of devices. Make history by being the first person to accomplish a speedrun of the whole map. is a fun obstacle course game that you can play straight in your browser. Can you finish the level before the other players? your goal is to level up your character to the highest level possible. Earn XP points and improve your skills. Try all available modes and customization options. 

Actual freerunning is a relatively recent sporting discipline. Nonetheless, numerous attempts have already been made to capture its attraction in more accessible media. Creating a digital simulator based on the activity is not an easy undertaking. It's critical to strike a fine balance between realism and entertainment. There are various examples on Kevin Games that tend toward the former. This title, on the other hand, aims to be fun first and foremost. To that end, the developers have included the following features:

  • Classic FPS controls are complemented by addictive traversal mechanics.
  • is an engaging multiplayer mode that allows you to play with both friends and strangers. Navigation is simple in a long hallway with a complicated and unpredictable pattern.
  • 3D graphics in bright colors with a strange blocky style. Low gravity physics that is unusual but quite entertaining
  • Despite the lack of action, the overall experience is very engaging. It feels new because of the unique presentation, but also curiously familiar.

It is appropriate for beginners because to the consistent difficulty curve. However, only real genre veterans will be allowed to advance.

How to play

Game controls:
Move: "W,A,S,D"
Jump: "SPACE"

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