It turns out that this is a third-person shooter multiplayer game in 3D, and it was inspired by games like Ferge Io Online. In game, you take control of a blocky avatar and enter an arena in which you must eliminate the other players you come across by shooting them. If you don't, they will shoot you instead, and then you will lose the game.

Try to get as many points as you can for your good performance in order to use them in the shop to upgrade your weapons or skins, which will, of course, make the game even more fun for you. The fun thing is that your weapons are going to be fuzzy and designed to emulate various pets, from cats and dogs to birds and fish. If you want to have even more fun playing the game, you should try to earn as many points as you can.

The goal is to kill everything that moves and live as long as you can. To move around, use WASD, to reload is R, and to leap is Space. Using the mouse, scan the area. Hold LMB down to fire. Aim down sights with a right-click for the best accuracy. By rotating the scroll wheel, you may choose among the offered things. Shortly after sustaining damage, the health bar instantly replenishes. Find shelter and hide when the screen turns red in order to survive. Aim for long kill streaks to get substantial point multipliers.  

Top-tier FPS franchises are frequently expensive and somewhat unoriginal., in comparison, is cost-free and offers a ton of fun playing. Join it right away to become an unstoppable slayer who kills without mercy.

How to play

Arrow keys on your keyboard to navigate around

Space bar to leap.

Mouse to aim and fire. 

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