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About Piaf.io

Piaf.io is a free and entertaining online multiplayer game that involves firing birds. In this IO game, you command an avian in a field populated by players from all over the world. Your objective is to eliminate the other birds that are constantly striking them with revolving projectiles. Collect crystals to increase the size of your testicles and pie until you possess a colossal murderous bird with lethal sharpened balls.

You will lose if you contact the red area around the screen. Use speed boost to deceive your opponent, but bear in mind that as you use it, your orb will grow in size. Eliminate every opponent and place your name at the summit of the scoreboard. Enjoy IO Piaf!

How to play Piaf.io

1. Use your Ball and Ring to attack or defend yourself; each Dash temporarily renders you invulnerable, deactivates a Ball, and creates a destructible Ring!
2. Grab and consume up to three piafs smaller than you. You assimilate the bulk of the pastries you consume slowly, but they can leave your body within a few seconds.
3. Personalize your epidermis to your liking, and then reveal yourself to the world!


- You need 1 active ball to Dash
- You are invulnerable in a Dash
- Grab to easily eat a pizza!
- Eat piafs to slowly absorb their mass
- You can eat up to 3 piafs smaller than have 3 Balls
- Piafs eat can rush out by moving inside the body
- Target the big piafs to eat their Food

Game controls: Mouse / Arrow left / right = fly, Space = soar

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