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PillowBattle.io is a fun online game in which you fight your opponents with pillows. Your goal is to run about and wait for a cushion to arrive.

When you notice it, you must run to be the first to seize it. If you succeed, you will be able to attack your opponent and eliminate him from the game. There will be nine of you in the start, but only one can win. If you fail to pick up the pillow first, you must flee as quickly as possible in order to survive until the next pillow spawn.

Are you bored at home? Grab that cushion and create some serious social distance. Get to the pillow first, then practice your accuracy and skills while avoiding enemy attacks! Wait for your opponents to fight each other or take the initiative and help them lose.

The game can be played by a group of people. They all have the same goal, though: to get to the pillow as quickly as possible and toss it at the enemy. There will only be one pillow, so keep an eye on where it ends up so you can pick it up as soon as possible. If you are hit with a pillow, you are eliminated from the game. The player who remains the last in a virtual room will be declared the winner.

How to play

Follow the in-game instructions.


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