About is a chase and escape variant of the unblocked io game Rock Paper & Scissors. This game is based on the maxim that rock kills scissors, scissors kill paper, and paper kills rock.

Free activities with a public scoreboard are available to all. In this iteration of the game with excellent visuals, there are numerous abilities. The maximum stage count is 100. With each level, both mobility and a talent improve. Max strikes = 3. Different tactics and strategies can be used to succeed.

How to play

Use the cursor to direct your character's movement. Right-clicking initiates sprint. Dash is an ability that, when activated, accelerates your character in a single direction for a set period of time without enabling you to change direction. It has a cooldown that resets after leveling up or powering up, resetting the cooldown. (c). Circled letters are power-ups and orb lights are scores.


If you can recover energy while surfing, you can double and double your NBSP. If you are being pursued, you can use Magic Time (P); When you eliminate a player, you receive a portion of their points. (the maximum number of points needed to level up). The character's girth indicates his number of lives. (up to 3). A power that increases your size does not grant you an additional life. the NBSP;

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