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About Points4words.io

Points4Words.io is a novel word-based multiplayer game with a twist. Instead of using the first word that comes to mind, players must utilise their vocabulary to help them win by making smart word selections. Each participant is assigned seven letters at the beginning of each round and has 60 seconds to create as many words as possible from those seven characters. After a person has discovered a word, they choose one of three mystery "word tokens" and set it in front of them so that all other players may view it. Some tokens have unique powers, such as the ability to remove another player's token from the board or trade places with another player upon finding a suitable phrase. The trap? Now let's play!

It is a difficult word game for intelligent and perceptive brains. Up to nine players take turns completing a phrase or token sentence by filling in gaps. Each letter occurs exactly as many times as its Alphabet Value (A = 1, B = 2,... Z = 26). The player who completes their term with all tokens first wins.

How to play Points4words.io

Using Mouse
Move Left: Left Arrow
Rightward: Arrow Right
Forward: Arrow pointing up
Arrow Down Spacebar to jump backwards

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