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About Poke.io

Poke.io is an engaging fighting game in which you will destroy enemies with spears. Try to avoid others and destroy as many enemies as possible. Get ready to fight by making sure your weapons are sharp. Use this chance to have a fun online experience and become a champion who can't be beat.

How to play

Use the competitive multiplayer mode to get into the game. Hold down the left mouse button and move the cursor in the right direction. Find the best angle to attack an opposing knight. Even a very strong opponent can be killed with just one touch. To use spears to kill other people, you have to control the action character. You have to run around the map to earn points, perks, and bonuses. Don't get poked to death and beat the other players.

Collect valuable improvements to increase survival chances. They temporarily boost character strength and speed. Beware of adverse consequences like field of view narrowing and temporary narrowing.

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