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About Pounce.sh

Pounce.sh is a two-player strategic turn-based stealth game. It's like a bizarre cross between boggle and battleship. Hunt your opponents, but don't become the hunted.

Use adventure games to push yourself. How many levels will you get through, and how many strange people will you meet? It all comes down to chance. If you pay attention to this poll, you'll be the best player.

How to play Pounce.sh

In this game, you will be able to try out a lot of new and different things. In this version, you will have to beat a lot of new levels. Before killing the unknown people. You'll have to look for them because they're hiding in places that are hard to find. There are squares on the screen with icons for places like mountains, trees, and underwater.

You will turn on the display mode to find out what those mysterious people are trying to do. They hide in order to hurt you. If you don't find them right away, they will catch you and kill you. This game is very risky. The game is very unusual and different. The new war's mystery keeps people interested. What's holding you back? Go to https://abcya3.net/ to start playing the online game Pounce.sh. Play now and have even more amazing things happen to you. You'll click and look for places where it's easy to move on. Do not go to places where you could die. The mysterious person in the black hat and costume makes the player feel scared.

Control: Mouse only, basics are explained in tutorial.


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