About is a game where you control a bubble-shaped boat as it moves around the field, killing enemies and looking for food orbs.

How to play

As soon as you spawn on the field, carefully steer your bubble boat and try to make the bubble bigger by eating a lot of orbs that appear. The hook on your boat is very strong and can be used to kill other boats. When you come across an enemy, you should quickly and correctly throw the hook at him. He will die and leave behind a lot of mass that you can use. As you eat more mass, your bubble will get bigger. You will move up in the leaderboard if you do this. If you want to speed up, you can, but make sure you already gain a lot of mass. When you are out looking for food, you should always keep an eye on what's going on around you. Stay away from your opponents' hooks, protect yourself, and try to get ahead.

Have fun and good luck!

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