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About Pucks.io

Pucks.io is a 3v3 drop-in/drop-out team-based physics automobile hockey game played online. Use strategy and collaboration to move the puck and score! Pucks.io is simple to learn, but the competition is strong, so you'll need to hone your abilities to succeed. Gain experience points for vehicle customization by scoring or assisting on goals and winning games. Climb the ladder and attempt to become the greatest Pucks.io player in the world!

How to Play Pucks.io

Similar to hockey, the purpose of Pucks.io is to score as many goals as possible against the opposition side. After your shot is properly aligned, use the "Space Bar" to conduct a quick boost. Capture containers to swiftly replenish this buff. It will be difficult to score on your alone, so pass to a teammate in a better scoring position!


To Motion use WASD or arrow keys
To improve usage of the SPACEBAR key
To show the score, press TAB
To Talk, press ENTER
Let Game Preferences utilize ESC

Pucks.io Strategy

The most efficient approach to move the puck fast down the ice is by passing it. Try boosting just before to striking the pucks for a more powerful slap shot.

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