Pung io is an io game designed for players who enjoy the traditional elements of io games, such as evolution, intense competition, and the need to fight to the death.

To participate in this 2D Battle Royale online io game, you will need to have an active internet connection.

Do you enjoy PVP? In this exciting 2D Battle Royale io game, compete against other players. Use a wide range of skills in your battle to be the last one standing!

Pung.io welcomes you! In this massively multiplayer online punching strategy.io game, you will attack your opponents with your fists. Coins can be accumulated by players. Skins and spells are available for purchase in the shop. By defeating other players, players can gain experience, improve their skills, and level up.

Each player starts with 20 stat points. They use those stat points to improve five different stats. To gain points and level up, players must punch various obstacles as well as other players. Each kill awards one coin and one stat point, while each level gain awards three stat points. There is one extremely powerful boss who has very focused punches and can instantly kill anyone. Any punch (except those delivered by bosses) deals between 1 and (x)(multiplier), with "x" representing damage and "multiplier" representing the ATK base stat. Critical punches are highlighted in yellow and deal full damage.

Avatars with higher base stats can be unlocked using coins. A Thanos-inspired avatar and one that resembles the boss are among the most powerful.

How to play

Use the keyboard to navigate
Use the mouse to aim the character

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