About is a third-person open-world MMORPG. On your quest to become the most famous, you will need to work together to defeat monsters.

How to Play

Playing saves your character every 30 seconds. (Check the top left corner for "Game Saved!" before closing the game!) Kill monsters for XP and fame. XP levels you up. Leveling increases health, attack, and defense. Fame determines leaderboard position. Fame boosts leaderboard position!

Monsters drop items. Be careful—higher-level monsters drop better items. Some high-level monsters can kill you faster than you can drink your health potions. Shop Keepers sell items for more than mob-grinding. Unless you're level one, dying lowers your level by one. You'll also lose 25% fame.

Add consumables, weapons, and scrolls to your hotbar for quick switching. This helps fight high-level mobs. While drinking potions, Monsters will stop attacking. Shield blocks also delay.


  • Click with the Left Mouse Button to move or attack. Hold Right Mouse Button and drag it around to move the camera. Or use the left and right arrow keys.

  • E to open/close your Inventory. Click on Items in your inventory to sell or use them, or put them into the hot bar

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