About is a very fun game with many levels, requiring you to have a lot of skills to coordinate well in the game. With, your mission is to get the highest score or be the last player in this game. You can play live online with many other players from all over the world. In addition, on Game  we have just updated many new and similar games with in the games section that may interest you or experience the latest and best games in the area 2 sides of the screen. game figure.

In the action game Repulse, your goal is to eliminate every opponent on the server. Battle victory depends on more than just experience. You will be able to use a variety of weapons, each of which is distinct and has advantages and disadvantages. If you get near, you can even use explosives and even a knife. The objective will be to accumulate as many points as you can and so emerge as the server's top player. So go ahead and play the game!


How to play

  • [ W ][ A ][ S ][ D ] to move
  • [ Left click ] to shoot
  • [ Right click ] to use rifle's scope
  • [ Q ] to strike with your weapon
  • [ 1 ]to change weapon
  • [ 2 ] to throw grenades
  • [ R ] to reload
  • [ Space bar ] to jump

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