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About Rocket Bot Royale

Rocket Bot Royale is a gravity-based multiplayer tank game. Enter an arena, shoot other players, collect coins, avoid rising water levels and outlast the rest. A fast-paced online Battle Royale that takes place on a sinking island that can be destroyed. 

How to play

You can get rid of the other players by firing rockets from your custom robo-tank and using advanced strategies and powerful weapons. The player's job is to try to kill every enemy they meet in order to come in first place and win. 

But at the same time, players have to move up to avoid the water level, which is always rising. If your tank reaches the water level, it will explode and you will lose. You can use gold to buy different kinds of weapons and items before each match.

During the battle, item crates will fall in random places and, when picked up, will have random amounts of ammunition and items inside.

Games features:

  • Epic tank battles
  • Many items to collect
  • Start with an advantage
  • Many attractive levels


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