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About Royale Dudes is a multiplayer battle royale game from the creators of This is a battle royale online multiplayer game with unique new features.

There are fully destructible buildings, unlockable weapons, payloads (BattleDrops), randomly generated maps, buy stations, UAVs, respirators and more special features coming soon!

In, you'll fight on foot and face off against other players from around the world. They will all be fitted to the teeth fully automatically, semi-automatically and everything in between. Parachute into an online battle that gets smaller and more intense over time. Pick up gear from crates and fallen soldiers to improve your arsenal, and be the last one standing! Get ready for a next-generation Battle Royale 2D shooting game with intense gun battles and never-before-seen features!

Game Tips

This game has mobile support so you can play it on your Android or iOS phone.

Buying any number of gems removes all ads and allows you to include emojis in your nickname.

You can watch rewarded ads to earn some free gems and coins.

Make sure to create an account to save your progress.


How to play

WASD to move.

E to jump to plane or open chest.

Left-click to shoot.

Mouse to change direction.

Mouse scroll or 1/2/3/G/X to switch weapons.

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