Royale Dudes is a complimentary IOGame. Welcome to the complicated and chaotic realm of This game is not about some French criminal brothers who wish to order a Big Mac in French; rather, it is about the royal warrior. The game has a typical battle royale mode; at the beginning of the game, you and other players will parachute onto the map and search for equipment and weapons before engaging the enemy. In, you will engage in foot-to-foot combat with people from around the world. All of the teeth will be supplied with completely automatic, semi-automatic, and other types of devices. is the right game for you if you wish to set traps, dump bombs, or fire rockets. Prepare for a 2D Battle Royale shooter of the next generation with fierce gunfights and never-before-seen features!

Pro tip
This game supports mobile devices, allowing you to play it on your Android or iOS smartphone.
Purchasing any amount of gems removes all advertisements and enables the use of emojis in your moniker.
You can earn free gems and coins by viewing rewarded commercials.
Create an account in order to save your progress.


How to play

  • WASD = move
  • E = jump from plane / open chest
  • Left-click = shoot
  • Mouse movement = change direction
  • Mouse scroll / 1,2,3,G,X = switch weapons

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