About is the multiplayer io version of rugby that can be played with friends. Enter the rugby stadium and engage in a furious struggle with opposing teams in! At the beginning of the game, you will be divided into two teams that will compete on the field. Each player controls their own character. On a signal, a game ball will be joined. You will need to exert immediate control or outpace your opponents. Then, deftly go across the pitch and defeat your opponent; you must break in a specific region to score a goal and earn a specified number of points. If it does not work out for you, give the team player the opportunity to score. Handle everyone in view in order to advance and score a Touchdown! Battle Mayhem is a one-touch game inspired by American football!
The player is controlled by dragging the mouse around.
Increase your character's speed by moving the cursor away from him. To slow down, move the cursor closer together.
You obtain control of the ball by making contact with it. Once you have it, sprint to the opposite side of the field and score a touchdown.


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