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Rugby Io Ball Mayhem is undoubtedly one of the best online multiplayer sports games our site has ever had. A game that we have now moved to the io Games category, where we believe you will have a great time with it. Be careful to read this in its entirety prior to beginning the game, since it contains important information regarding the game's objectives. Your objective is to utilize your character to converse to everyone in your line of sight, progress, and score a touchdown. It's a brutal game, but a fun one, and you'll be playing against actual gamers, which makes the game even more enjoyable. Using the mouse to navigate is as easy as dragging it around. We are certain that you will enjoy playing even more of our team's fantastic games, so please do not go.

How To Play

To control ball mayhem, use your keyboard and mouse to play it on your desktop.
This game doesn't require installation. You can play immediately on your desktop devices.


1st and 2nd half match
Easy controls
A ball indicator
Ranking system

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