About is a 2D physics-based io game where players battle in space while flying around the Earth. Don't let your friends get the highest score by blowing them up. You can use rocket science to get a high score in this cosmic physics game, or you can kill other players and ruin their plans to get a high score.

How to play

Start on Earth, use your boosters to get into space, and then set up an orbit. Earn the crown by getting a high score or killing as many leaders as you can. But don't stop there. You'll be the next target, so keep a close eye on everything because everyone is watching you and planning their own attacks. Do whatever it takes to get that crown, but don't crash into the Earth and avoid getting hit by other players. Keep being number one for as long as you can and brag about it the whole time!


  • Get closer to Earth to score more points.
  • Don't use too much boost, or you'll blow up outside the game area.

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