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Welcome to game! In this game, you can play as either a student whose mission is to cause chaos in the school  and try not to get caught or a teacher whose job is to catch the students breaking the rules to restore the order. Each round has 4 to 12 players and lasts about 5 minutes.


If you play as a student, try to cause as much chaos as possible. When the chaos level reaches 100, student team wins the game. You can use different objects like fire extinguishers or paint buckets. However, if you get caught by the teachers, you will be sentenced to detention.


If you take the role of a teacher, you must watch the misbehaving students and get their names correctly to catch them then reduce the chaos level. When you identify their names wrong, you will face angry parents in the meeting.

Release date

May 2021


School Break io was developed by Tobias Springer

How to play

Tap and drag the joystick.

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