About is a game. Welcome to an amazing online multi-player game in which kids attempt to wreak maximum havoc on their school and instructors attempt to preserve it!

When recess starts, it is your responsibility as a student to generate as much disorder as possible to increase the amount of disorder. When it hits 100 percent, the student wins and the instructor loses his or her job!

If you play the position of a teacher, it is your responsibility to defend the school by apprehending and punishing any misbehaving children. However, if you make a mistake, you must explain it to their parents!

With 2D action sandbox gameplay and a comprehensive map builder, you may toss, push, slam, slam, dump, splash, shoot, dump, ride, and more. Discover entertaining interactions, such as putting deodorant on a fire; you may construct your own prank technique on a multitude of maps.

Will you preserve the school, or will you demolish it?

How to play

Pick up objects - E
Using an object - Hold down left mouse button

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