About is a game in the genre of "Hunting Manifest" with a monumental combination of and sea monsters. Play as the monster in the deep sea and fight to win! 

You will play online with a lot of other people from all over the world. You don't have to make an account or log in to play You can play by yourself or online with people from all over the world. And in, your goal is to get the highest score or to be the last player left. 

How to play

You play a mythical monster that lives in the deep sea and fights with other monsters of its kind to stay alive.

  • Eat aquatic creatures like fish and plankton to get longer and bigger.
  • More dangerous you are to other sea dragons, the more mass you have.
  • Do quests to get new cards that show different kinds of sea dragons.
  • Survival depends on how long your body is. The longer you are, the more likely it is that you can trap other dragons. But be careful. 
  • Collect cards to open up new species and raise the level of ones you already own. The body of your favorite dragon starts out longer the higher its level.

 Control:Use the mouse and the function keys, or look at the in-game instructions. Left click to increase movement speed

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