About is a battle royale game for multiple players that is based on, which was a huge hit. To grow, you have to pick up the masses that are scattered on the ground. As you get bigger, you can try to eat other cells by attacking them.

How to play

Move the mouse cursor in the direction you want to float. Press Space to split in half, and Q to split in half again. Use these skills in a smart way that fits the situation. Sometimes they help you get away from an attacker. Sometimes they are like a surprise attack. The basic idea behind fighting is easy to understand. During a fight, whoever is bigger wins. Keep in mind that you can bind keys to this installment. You can change them and other settings to your liking and become an unstoppable killing machine.

The people who made decided to make it free with no limits. After all, it's not that hard to understand. Still, it can keep you entertained for hours and get your adrenaline going. Everyone plays by the same rules, and the process is very easy to follow. But only a small number of people can master the complicated skills needed to top the leaderboards. Challenge good opponents, work on the skills you need, and win every game.


  • Move your mouse to control the movement
  • W to shoot masses
  • Space bar to split


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