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About Shakes & Fidget

Shakes and Fidget is a satirical fantasy RPG. About fifty million players inhabit a fantasy and parody-infused MMO. Pick your class, complete tasks, acquire treasure, and establish a clan in this popular kingdom inspired by comic books, where you will go on an adventure.


There are several missions to explore, with greater quests opening as the player's character develops. Finishing missions rewards you with EXP, loot, and perhaps premium dungeon keys. Ensure you have the proper equipment and potions before beginning the assignment! As you reach later levels, you may purchase horses to expedite lengthy quests.

Build your fortress!

A fortress enables the mining of powerful jewels and the training of troops, archers, and magicians. Ensure that you construct various components of your castle wisely in order to reap the most benefits and that you have adequate defenses to safeguard your fortress from hostile assaults.

Build your clan!

Together with your clanmates, you get stronger, more impregnable, and uncover an abundance of legendary riches. Embark on missions, have thrilling adventures, acquire levels, amass wealth, earn honor, get "tamed," and become a legendary medieval figure! Battle with your RPG Hero in Guild Wars and Arena multiplayer PVP!

Battle other players in clan conflicts or arenas, depending on your clan membership. The path of the young hero requires vigilance, as several skilled online gamers and their vicious tribes are eager to destroy you.

How to play

Use the mouse and keyboard to navigate the game's many menus. You may increase your stats, battle other players, choose missions, and converse with other players and non-player characters.

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