About is a massively multiplayer browser-based combat game like You can play by yourself, with friends, or with people from all over the world online. Version that is unlocked and can be used without any lags.  Players try to eat their way up the food chain by eating other players.

The game is best feature might be that everyone's health bars are easy to see. When a shark's health starts to get low, everyone starts to chase it until it dies and everyone gets points. Just like in real life, once sharks smell blood, they want to eat you.

How to play

In, you start out as a small shark and must eat fish, giant squid, and other sharks to grow into the biggest fish in the ocean. The more you eat, the more levels you'll get and the more upgrades you'll be able to get, like helper fish or a stronger bite. If you get to a high enough level, you'll be able to change into different kinds of sharks and grow to a huge size. Everyone else will be afraid to get close to you.


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